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10 Ways to Speed Up Page speed- MCR Logitech

PAGE SPEED -Page speed is regularly mistaken for "site speed," which is really the page speed for an example of online visits on a website. Page speed can be portrayed in either "page stack time" (the time it takes to completely show the substance on a particular page) or "time to first byte".

1 Load Test Your SiteSecond it is vital to stack test your site to perceive what may cause bottlenecks. The following are few devices which can help test your site. These can likewise be exceptionally helpful on the off chance that you are attempting to scale out a stage. 2 Minimize HTTP RequestsEach time a page sidetracks to another page, your guest faces extra time sitting tight for the HTTP ask for reaction cycle to finish. 3 Site Performance Optimization TipsSince you have run a few tests on your site to see where the postponement or load is, it is presently time to begin improving, take after these enhancement tips underneath. 4 Site Performance Optimization Index

Website Redesigning- MCRLogitech

Redesigning a website is a typical task to do. Creating a new website is easy when compared to redesigning a website. There are many pros and cons of redesigning a website. Here is glimpse on pros and cons of modifying a website.Nowadays, first impression on your audience of your business is based on your website. Hence, like any other good investment, your website is required to be redesigned from time to time. 

Pros of Redesign a web site

·       Website Design Looks Great

After your website is redesigned, it looks good and attractive. User feels good, while accessing the site. Your website is eye catching and it attracts new visitors. It looks nice but this is also a true fact that it is difficult to redesign a website than creating it. The other advantage of redesigning is that it gets fit to Visitor’s Screen Size, which is great to see.

·       Comparability with modern Browser-

For this we have to maintain latest technology while creating theme why means mostly browsers are comfortable with modern technologies and coding. So maintain good theme for website

·       Effect on Search engine Rank –

Based on Visitors attention and bounce rate your site will improve search engine rank if you site not comfortable with SEO Friendly automatically means Design and Content will be effect on SEO

·       Browsing Speed & Fast loading Images-

Suppose, you are still using flash design or any other old versions in your site then it means there will be more loading time. This irritates the visitors as loading images and flash design takes lot of time.

Cons of Redesigning a Web site-

·       Takes More Time- 

    Its take more time to write a code for each and every page for mobile view and desktop view we have to compare with each and every screen size. Suppose we missed checking screen sizes means it automatically web site not look good and loading time will take more.

·       Maintenance - 

  While maintaining a site we have a lot of problems based on client requirements like changes on content and adding extra pages and images, effects etc.

·       Budget – 

    Redesigns can be costly and time-consuming, particularly if you desire to add countless functionality. As you know that a full redesign of website might take several days and involve more testing as well as changes so it can cause expenses to add up. However, redesigning is the most effective way to resolve problems but it is expensive.


Although redesigning a website can be difficult but it is crucial to have updated one as website is truly the face of your business. So if the website is presented well, it can bring lot of extra business.


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